Made for a six week game jam in a group of four students, for a school assignment.

Life's tough when you have to tend to a garden being the size of a bee, let alone having to deal with five of them setting up shop next to your flower bed. Add like twelve other species of insects and arachnids and you have yourself a big problem for a little gardener. You're too small to take them on in combat, so you'll have to rely on the power of speech and persuasion to get them to leave!

(The game was originally a standalone .exe so players may have issues messing with the resolution/exit settings.)


Eviction Novice 36 MB
Eviction Notice Mac 42 MB


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I absolutely adore this game. The art is so charming, the dialogue is witty,  and the overall experience is really enjoyable. The game left me feeling good and upbeat about life!

Really enjoyed everything this has to offer and greatly look forward to more from this team!


Well that pretty much checks off my entire list of personal goals for this project, so this is more of a relief to hear than words can describe. Thanks so much for giving it a spin!