A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are one of the top Friendship Sleuths in the city. Solicitations for your acquaintance are numerous in quantity. Compensation, immaculate. It is a balmy summer evening.

You are feeling particularly amicable tonight.

Hint: Scrub your mouse over the volume select screen very carefully.

Walking into a city on an alien planet you've never been to before isn't a good way of getting your memories back, though. But maybe all your new yet strangely familiar friends can help with that...?

Befriendus: A Beforus Befriending Adventure is our answer to Homestuck's lack of alpha troll content as of late. Chat it up with some familiar faces from before you knew them! Learn things about them previously unseen and unexplored! Do you have a higher purpose in life than making friends with a bunch of obscure and forgotten Homestuck characters? Hell if anyone knows, but that's what's happening so buckle up, folks.


  • A lot of love!
  • 12* core volumes with 12 familiar faces to befriend
  • Several intermissions to flesh them out even more
  • A fresh MSPA-inspired coat of UI paint
  • An original soundtrack
  • Accessibility features like removing quirks and text colours
  • A return to Openbound's dialogue system, with characters adding additional commentary through hashtags
  • SCORPINA'S JOURNAL, filled with short journal entries for every completed volume


(This is a Homestuck fangame, heavily inspired by Hiveswap: Friendship Simulator and Pesterquest. Please support the creators of the original works!)


Here's a Google Doc containing all the information you could need about the game, like transcripts and Easter eggs.

*I'm not saying there's a secret volume hidden somewhere but

Updated 5 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsfriendsim, hiveswap, homestuck, pesterquest, renpy
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, Blog, CuriousCat, Discord


befriendus-pc.zip 116 MB
befriendus-mac.zip 99 MB

Development log


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is there some way I can tip yall? this is great

Consider donating on our Sponsus page! There's a "one time donation" button and everything's split equally across the whole team. Thanks so much!


i cannot play on chromebook im very sad about it :(


the art and writing in this game are amazing!! spectacular work!! im really enjoying this so far and OOMGH i love all the sprites...esp mitunas sprite....muah gorgeous chefs kiss

amazing job to all the people who contributed to this game!! its amazing and u are all doing a phenomenal job! i adore this soooo much if only i could spam heart emojis


If Aranea's route doesn't include Elevatorstuck at some point, I'm going to be sad.


lovely game !!! i really love mituna's route sm thank u for giving depth to his character :D and all of meenah's fish puns are to die for hahaha 

(1 edit) (+2)

Great game so far! <3

I have to say Mituna's route was something that really hit me and may be my favorite of the two. However both routes were great and I can't wait for the next volume, please take all the time you need though!


Mituna's route had me tearing up a bit omg. And Meenah made me so happy, she's so in character while feeling like this is something brand new, this is so good!! 


Only 2 routes are out and im obsessed. Meenah is delightfully mean and Mituna's route just came for my ass like it's no big deal like. rude. Looking forward to future volumes :D !
ps: i keep rereading the journal entries to figure out the characters, it's such a cool addition, keep it the fuck up yo

very cool i like